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1. Who is responsible for paying duties and taxes for international shipments?

For international order. The Consignee (Recipient) of the package(s) is responsible for any duties and import taxes due upon delivery. Duties and taxes are not calculated or charged when you place your order in our store and will be payable to Customs when you receive your order.

2. How much I need to pay for the import duty?

The amount of customs is different from one country to  another country. It depends on your country tariff policy.

Please note: Our shipping options include Standard shipping and Express shipping. So the amount of customs will be different.

  • For package shipped by Air mail Post (please refer to our Shipment and Delivery), we usually declare invoice value as 10USD and mark it as gift. Usually, we do like this, your package will not be charged for a high import duty by the customs, but it depends on your country tariff policy)
  • For package shipped by Express Service, such as DHL, UPS, The amount of import duty will be charged differently because of the difference of your importing country’s tariff policy.

3. What will we do to reduce your import tax?

If you have specific requirements on the declared value of the invoice, please contact us by sending Support@Vidirlighting.com. We will make it as you required. If you have no instruction about the invoice declare value, usually we will declare the item value range from 20USD-200USD which depends on the package weight and package volume.

4. What will we do if your package encounter customs clearance issues ?

When you encounter customs clearance issues, we will supply you the shipping invoice which you have to supply to customs. At the same time, we also will contact China DHL to help you deal with such situation.